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In the past, the idea of distributing stylish and attractive sandals was formed that is significantly different from the goods available in the market. At first, this idea was done by distributing foreign sandals and sometimes products from countries own famous brands, which was gradually welcomed by the public. Domestic products, following new and updated models and experiencing this path, gave another features to this industry, and gradually a revolution took place in this field. New models and styles have created a lot of enthusiasm welcomed by the people. Accordingly, Kitokit Group started to produce sandals with its opinion and experience, and after a while, it was upgraded from workshop products to factory products. The initial view continued and in a short time by equipping the sole production machines with the most modern machines in the world, it increased its production and today we have the production of sandals with Pu, pvc, EVA and airblowing sole with the best and most quality of raw materials.

Variety of products

Production of various products

The variety of products produced in different and beautiful colors and designs in this field has made Kitokit Group surpass other manufacturers and it can be clearly said that it is the first and best collection that has all the spectra of sandals produced. Variety of model such as sandals for spring and summer and slippers for autumn and winter. And the variety of space and occasion of sandal products for you, such as travel, home, baths and celebrations (parties) and the variety of ages from children to adults, women and men according to the standards of the world is provided.

Bright future

With the hope of satisfying the wishes and expectations of all of you dear and looking to the future, Kitokit Sandal has always taken a step towards improving the quality, variety and beauty of its products.
Boundless thanks and greetings from your company .

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