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Kito’s sandals are the most famous and beautiful brand of sandals in the country

Central store distribution and sale of Cotton Sandals Country located in Tehran is ready to sell the best and most beautiful sandals for you loved ones all over the country.

Sandals are generally welcomed by the public because of their beautiful designs and, therefore, the Kito sandals have been able to capture a large volume of customers and be welcomed by the people of our dear country as well as the neighboring countries.

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When it comes to shoes, there is no better option than a pair of sandals to cope with summer heat. Sandals, both fashionable and functional, are a great choice for keeping your leg warm in hot days.

The official representative of Keoto sandals with the exclusive brand of Kito is the best and most beautiful sandals for you dear compatriots.

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صندل کیتو

What is sandal+kito sandal

The oldest discovered sandal is the Rockwell Cave in the state of Oregon, which is estimated to be 10,000 years old.

In ancient Greece, sandals were made using the foliage of plants used by comedians and philosophers. Sometimes cotton sandals were also used for thicker sandals

The ancient Egyptians also made sandals from palm leaves and papyrus. Such sandals are also seen in Egyptian sculptures.